The Transparent Payment Gateway

The payment interface to our ecosystem of dapps and apps

Use Quanta Pay to interact with Quanta-built and integrated 3rd party products and services

Quanta Pay is a crypto wallet

Load Quanta Pay with your Bitcoin, Ethereum, QNTX and all accepted ERC20 tokens

Quanta Pay is a cryptocurrency management platform

Manage your crypto simply and intuitively

Quanta Pay delivers transparency across its features

Quanta Pay is a non-custodial wallet

You keep 100% control of private keys

Quanta Pay is a payment gateway

Make payments in BTC, ETH, QNTX*, any integrated ERC20 token or FIAT

Quanta Pay is rewarding

Earn QNTX* as a reward for participation in the ecosystem

Quanta Pay is transparent

Easily check transaction logs on public and private blockchains

Easy to use

Quanta Pay is simple to log in to and no registration is needed to launch the app

Sign in once

Use a single digital ID to access all Quanta built and 3rd party products and services

Access products quickly

Interaction between Quanta Pay and integrated applications is as fast as the blockchain can be

Always free

Quanta Pay is always free to download and install

Safe and Secure

Quanta Pay is protected with a 5-digit pin with encrypted private keys backed up with a 12-word passphrase

Quanta Pay’s API service connects it with all integrated dapps and apps

Communicates with all products and services via its API service

Quanta Pay interfaces with private blockchains

Gives you access to multiple products and services and reduces transaction costs.

Quanta Pay is integrated with multiple payment gateways

Payment gateway integration means you can top up cryptocurrencies using a variety of methods including BTC, ETH and QNTX*.

Our QNTX* token rewards you when you use Quanta Pay

scale-interactionCreated with Sketch.

Scale your interaction

Increase your participation in Quanta Pay’s ecosystem of apps and dapps

get-rewardedCreated with Sketch.

Get rewarded

Get paid in QNTX* for interacting in the ecosystem and by participating in reward programs

transact-gas-freeCreated with Sketch.

Transact gas free

Use QNTX* within Quanta Pay to transact with integrated applications without the need to pay gas.

escrow-timed-releaseCreated with Sketch.

Escrow and set a timed release

Use Quanta Pay to send QNTX* and prescribe a time the receiver can claim your transfer.

escrow-3rd-partyCreated with Sketch.

Escrow and allow a third party to verify release

Use Quanta Pay to hold QNTX* in escrow until a designated 3rd party confirms they can be released OR returned.

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